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“Our Advice makes
Dollars & Sense”

“Our Advice makes
Dollars & Sense”

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Your Tax Refund

If you've already filed your taxes but have not received your refund, don't panic. There's probably a good explanation. Read more here: Need help? Contact us today! 

2024-04-11T14:32:54-05:00April 11, 2024|

Do You Have An Unclaimed Refund?

The IRS might owe you money from your 2020 tax return, and the unclaimed refund is set to disappear in just less than two months. Learn more here: Need help? Contact us today! 

2024-03-26T14:29:39-05:00April 2, 2024|

Already Filed and Waiting for Your Return?

If you've filed your tax return and haven't received your refund money yet, you're likely wondering when you'll get it. To find out, just use the IRS tool to check on the status of your refund. Learn more here: Need help? Contact us today! 

2024-03-26T14:26:09-05:00March 26, 2024|

Retirement Planning?

If you're thinking of retiring in 2025, you should prep now. Why? You can start strategizing withdrawals, optimize tax advantages and beat inflation ahead of your retirement. Learn more here. Need help? Contact us today!

2024-03-19T09:47:00-05:00March 19, 2024|

Transfer Strategies for 2024

Inflation adjustments to the gift and estate tax exemption amounts makes 2024 the year to dig into transfer strategies. Questions? Contact us today.

2024-03-11T14:29:04-05:00March 11, 2024|

2024 Tax Deadline

The 2024 tax deadline is April 15, 2023 for most people. Gather all the information you need to prepare a complete and accurate return before you file. Need help? Contact us today: or 402-898-2672.  

2024-03-08T13:50:28-06:00March 8, 2024|

Simple Notice Initative

#IRS launces Simple Notice Initiative that provides taxpayers more concise letters making it clear what actions they need to take.  Click here to learn more. Need help? Contact us today!     

2024-02-27T10:30:32-06:00February 27, 2024|
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